“Smith’s statements that the music began with Monroe’s post-war band and his inclusion of Earl Scruggs-style banjo as one of the defining characteristics of the music were, Monroe told Smith angrily, ‘damn lies’ as far as he was concerned.”

– Neil Rosenberg, “Bluegrass: A History”


This is the student blog of Sam Winter for Bluegrass: Appalachian Roots and Influences.

String Band
The Encinitas Ranch Hands in Encinitas, California      c. 1930.
Photo Courtesy of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum

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  1. Hello, I’m reading through your blog and really enjoying it. Fantastic researching; nice work. FYI I’ve found a link to a youtube video that’s unavailable now (though there may be others…I won’t bug you with any more if I find them). It’s on this page:
    The video is As It Is Before · Earth Opera, and I think this may be a valid replacement for it:

    1. Thanks, Emily!

      I had a lot of fun putting this blog together, so I’m glad you are enjoying the read!

      Thank you for noting the broken link. I’ll go ahead and fix that ASAP! Definitely let me know if you see any more. I’m no longer actively updating this blog, so I’d have no idea unless someone pointed it out!

      Thanks for reaching out! 😊


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