Learning To Play Mandolin

Since taking this course, one of my goals has been to gain some background about the history and the artists of bluegrass in order to play the mandolin. I wanted to make a post to give some of the resources I have used and am using in order to progress my proficiency  at playing the mandolin

I started with videos from freeguitarvideos.com. These videos take the process step by step teaching how to pluck, hold your fingers,  and storm. They eventually move onto different chords and a few scales just to get you started. I’ve posted the first link to the series below

I don’t think that you need to watch the full series of these videos to be able to play efficiently. The next step I’m taking is learning how to play songs through video lessons. I usually have to retch them 3 or 4 times in order to get the full song down. I’ve posted an example of the types of lesson below

With any instrument practice makes perfect and some would say perfect practice makes perfect. It will be a few years down the line before i’m where i’d like to be with my mandolin skills. I’m thinking of closing out this blog with maybe a recording of something that I have played. Here’s to hoping one day I’ll be as good as the link below

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