Thinking on Floyd Fest 2013

The summer before last I had made up my mind to go to a Festival for the full length of time. I had gotten one day passes to bonaroo in the years before, but i decided to follow that instinct of Carpe Diem and go to FloydFest 2013. I had bought my tickets back in February for the event and waited for July to come around. Me and my girlfriend Selena Bennett went ahead and got a good amount of food supplies, mostly in cans.

The drive from floyd to Blacksburg was pretty short and I was really pumped to be there



Getting into the event was the hard part. We sat in the first line for four hours waiting for a truck to come by and pick up our camping supplies. Once the truck had come we began our walk up the hill hoping to hop immediately into the bus that would take us there. WRONG! Another line that lasted about 3 hours had to be waited through. We were very happy we packed peanuts bags and water or else we would have been “Hangry”. Finally we get to the event and lug our camping supplies down the mountain. We find a nice camping spot in a little clearing. The eagle is for added effect.


We were very happy to sit down and eat and look at all of the awesome artwork before the concert

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I could tell we were in the right place when I saw this hilarious sign



Some of my favorite band from the concert were

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From Left to Right: The Lumineers, The Infamous Stringdusters, Megan Jean and the KFB, Bronze Radio Return, The Hackensaw Boys, Gogol Bordello

It was interesting to see┬áthis mixture of Bluegrass, Folk, and Americana come into play through the different concert, but the fans were the most interesting. The festival culture really took over the whole audience and made every single dealing (except for the one time some drunk guy peed on me) extremely pleasant and supportive. You would have a 65 year clean cut man smoke something (probably illegal) and then pass it to the 20 year old hippy right beside him. The dancing was so different from what I was use to consisting of old time stomping all the way to what i like to call “The Elegant Octopus”. It was extremely educational to go on this adventure to see why people love to go fans and musicians alike.


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