First experience with blogging and NLI class

I like to think of myself as pretty tech savvy.  However, I am increasingly finding that people who set up websites or who write instructions for doing so expect users to know as much about the hardware and software as they do.  As I created my new (and first ever) blogging account, I was asked questions about things I had no idea about (such as levels of privacy, etc.).  Such sites need to provide explanations about the different choices and their consequences.  (I was told, for example, to chose my blog name carefully, since I could never change it!  But where does that blog name get used?  Why is it so important that I choose it carefully?)  I’ve never blogged before, but it doesn’t appear that the designers of the site imagined that such a neophyte could exist.

As I’ve encountered several poorly created sites and services on the Web (and not just at VT), I’ve become concerned about the philosophy apparently held by many tech people: that we users need to adapt to technology rather than having technology designed so it suits the needs of users.

I have no idea whether this post will show up where it’s supposed to (on the NLI site).  We shall see.

One thought on “First experience with blogging and NLI class”

  1. Fear not, your post is here:
    And you are definitely among the most tech-savvy people I know. I could not agree more that the interface for users could be more intuitive, and am just grateful that it’s as easy as it is (I realize getting this up and running did not seem “easy” at all), because now you are set to participate in a networked discussion about something you think about and work with every day.
    A clarification about the “Blog Title”: your URL is the thing that can’t be changed (blogrh), you can change your Title (A Tech Historian Writes About Tech) anytime — just fiddle around with the customization and appearance settings.
    I’m putting all of this in a public comment because others may have the same concerns. Meanwhile, thanks for taking the plunge and posting!
    An additional thought: Although it sometimes feels like we are “just” users of a technology (in this case the WordPress interface) designed by others (“tech people”), what it we see ourselves as shapers of both the medium and the message?

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