The “Brass Ring of Tenure”

I really found the tone, and perspective of the Kevin Carey article, “Ken Cuccinelli, Enemy of Freedom” article in the Chronicle of Higher Education helped to broaden my own views on tenure track positions. What I’ve heard, or read on the “brass ring of tenure” has been just that, something desired by many, obtained by few, and something you reach for. However, I will admit to feeling a bit like a newbie in the academic world. First off because I only need an MFA to be a professor in my field—which has me feeling a bit like an outlier in a class full of PhD candidates—and secondly because I had been out of school for almost 14 years prior to enrollment last Fall. Before that, I had only worked at a university for one year. Granted that one year was a real-life learning experience I feel like I learned more about the world, and politics of academia in that time, I had only spoke to one professor who opposed tenure, so it felt refreshing to be reminded of an opposing ideal.

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