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Welcome to Blogs@VT Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Rethinking University Teaching With Ten Simple Suggestions

I really like Tim Anderson’s post on his blog on teaching in higher education, much of which is based off improvisational comedy.

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Ethics Curriculum Integration Initiative at The University of Texas

The University of Texas has created a video series called Ethics Unwrapped. They are award winning shorts, that use animations, and filmed to be fun and engaging.

I believe these videos would be a great resource for the Grad 5014 Academic Integrity & Plagiarism course. I am trying not to be bitter to find that my idea for a project I was working on had already been funded, well researched, and created already.

On a side note I have noticed that my search results in google wildly give me different results depending on the location of where I am connected to the internet… Or have I gone mad? Going to look into that.


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Final Project Proposal

Liz Liguori

Final Project Proposal for Grad 5014: Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

My presentation with focus on Art and Ethics in Higher Education. I am planning on writing a script for a short video on proper ethics, etiquette, and practices for students in higher education who are preparing themselves for a future in the art world. This may also cover some areas of art in commerce.

The script for the video—which I would eventually like to produce here at Virginia Tech—will reference/cite Karen Atkinson’s writings on “Ethics for Artists”, and will be compared and remodeled based on the College Art Associations “Standards and Guidelines, Professional Practices For Artist”.

The vignettes will be written with the creative student in mind, and will attempt to engage, and inform in a pleasing way. The script will include details of the visual aesthetic of how the video will be filmed.

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One, or two things I believe that should change in Higher Ed

This simple question; To name one thing I believe should change in higher education? Quite a loaded question…

On a micro level I do not think laptops should be permitted in undergraduate classes, unless the course specifically requires one. After reading little bits here and there about various studies which have shown how poorly people actual multitask, I think the jury is out. Even if the student is not Facebooking, IMing, gamming, shopping, or whatever folks do online, many researchers  have suggested that writing your notes out by hand in class is more effective than typing them out on a computer.

The macro level game changer would be to figure out how to make education more affordable while simultaneously making sure our educators are paid appropriately. Oh, and unicorns for every classroom. ;-/

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Ethical Photoshop

I recently saw these images in a presentation at an SPE conference I was speaking at, and I wanted to share a few of them with you. They certainly relate to some of the topics we’ve discussed this term on integrity and ethics, and I think they are great.

By Ann Hill By Ann HillallinoneBeauty




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Implicit Association Test

As I was reviewing our modules for class I realized I skipped over The Implicit Association Test website. If you did as well, I strongly recommend a visit. In brief you can choose from a list of social cognition tests that scientists put together to “educate the public about hidden biases and to ‘provide a virtual laboratory’ for collecting data on the internet.” I never really took those cheesy quizzes magazines like to include, but it was sort of fun to imagine/realize my social conditioning by thinking about how magazines might market those tests to their readers. Subtitle feature copy on the front page of the magazine might read, “How Racist Are You?”, or “Do You Have an Secret Fetish For the Elderly?”, or “How Good Is Your Gay-dar?”… take this online quiz in our “virtual laboratory” and find out in 10 short minutes!

By Ann Hill By Ann Hill (images by Ann Hill)

Obviously the copy editor would need to shorten those up a bit, and I realize I am being a bit silly, but those tests are pretty cool. I’m not sure how much I believe (or want to) the results, but I did take the AGE IAT thinking for sure that I would subconsciously prefer older people rather than younger, and the results were not what I expected….

Anyhow, pretty interesting, no?

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Collegiate Times article on cheating at Tech.

Collegiate Times article on cheating at Tech

I do not fully agree with how the physics department handled the situation. Too little too late as I see it. I do, however think that using a previous test would be a violation of the Honor Code. The students that used the exam from the online site to help them study had an unfair advantage over the students who did not. If I were the professor (who did find the time to update their exam) I would have offered those who did not use the exam as a study aid the same advantage to even out the playing field. Moving forward, I would do my best to remix the exam so this didn’t happen again. Easy to say if you are not the professor, but I’m sure he could come up with a formula.

I realize this approach would seem to reward the students who violated the honor code in the first place, but I think that the whole situation was mishandled before it even happened. Additionally, I would add into my syllabus—which I would review on the first day of class, with the class—that if any students in the future were caught using previous exams as a study guide, the proverbial book would be thrown at them. I’, not sure this would work, or even encourage more cheating because of the temptation, but I think it’s always best to put it all out there in writing.

The next ethical question would be, do you suggest/or put a trap into place?


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The Golden Rule, personal Ethos, and clogging the blog feed.

The Golden Rule was probably my first introduction to ethics, and seems to be the framework which I have always lived by. There’s a beauty to its simplicity. I also feel that it also can be categorized under the common sense heading. This common phrase is a highlighted ethical phrasing I’ve found myself thinking a lot about. After reading these modules on ethics I feel that I view that phrase in a deeper way.

I decided to plug common sense into The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and I spent almost an hour getting lost in the deep philosophical rhetoric listed there. It was very satisfying to read through the discourse presented on the subject of “common knowledge”. Then I started to think about unconscious bias, and how in a way that could crudely be described as some form of common sense. How philosophical.

To bounce back to the Golden Rule, in some situations one can not treat others in ways that way one would like to be treated, and for that I apologize for clogging the blog feed. I am also taking the Preparing Future Professoriate class with Dean DePauw, and there have been many modules of the same subject matter to overlap. I found it challenging, and struggled all term doubling down to write more than one blog post on the same/similar topic that often was very much outside of my area of expertise. That is not to say I did not find the knowledge shared uninteresting, or entirely unrelatable, but a bit overwhelming. Blogging for one class alone makes me anxious…

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