Beware online “filter bubbles”

There are few people nowadays in the world that do not know what internet, social media and search engines are. In addition to those who argue that some of these engines or making us stupid, some believe that these engines “filter” the information provided to us and do not give us the access to all data and info. Here is an interesting talk by Eli Pariser on TED.


Sharing Cambridge Ideas

Cambridge Nights is a very interesting site that tries to “share bits and pieces of Cambridge with the rest   of the world” by interviewing the distinguished professors of different fields in universities within Cambridge, MA.

The very latest one is an interview with Lant Pritchett, Professor of the Practice of International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School who talks about education, migration and development.

Is College Worth It?

While working on the scholarly essay on the value of higher education I found that the debates on if the college education worth the cost and time is significantly increasing.  There are many blog postings and writing on this topic and one was published just today on yahoo!  This is also a nice infographic by Times on whether the college worth its cost or not. In general the ideas are mixed. Some believe that the return on higher education are even more that return associated with stocks. Others believe that the difference in wage as a result of higher education does not worth the time and cost.

A Simple Way to Cultivate Creativity is to Let It Free! – An Interesting Story!

The following interesting story shows how a student solved one of the unsolved problems in math because he didn’t know that it was just an example of “unsolved problems”. A key question is that was he able to solve it if he had known that it was a hard problem to solve?

Sometimes we don’t need to cultivate our students creativity with too much effort. As long as we don’t confine their thinking space with some assumptions or preconditions, we have done a lot!

Traditional vs. Modern Education, where is the balance?

Few days ago I heard something on news about  using abacus in schools in China. It was interesting specifically after having discussions and watching the video assignment on the role of technology in education. Take a look at the link that I found and you might be able to find more on the web.

This is just an example to show that as we talk about the benefits of technology and digital instruments to enhance learning, some people in the 21st century acknowledge the impact of traditional methods on improving learning skills.