Why We Need Journal of Failures?

We had this discussion in class that it is benefiicial to have a jounral that publishes the failures in research which will be very useful from many different perspectives. One perspective  that I mentioned was that with publishing failures plagiarism and misconduct may decrease. I searched through the website to find such journal but I was’nt successful. instead I found a blog that recommended such journal. I have exactly phrased the reasoning in that blog since it was exactly another perspective and positive sides of having such journals that I wanted to mention:

“Imagine if every experimental loose end was captured, categorized, and tagged in an efficient manner so that any person following a similar path in the future could actually have a legitimate shot at learning something from the mistakes of others.  It would be kind of like a Nature Methods protocol, but actually including all of the ways things can go wrong.  Authors could even establish credibility by describing whycertain conditions didn’t work (a very uncommon practice among scientists).  We might have to develop some technological tools that automatically pull and classify data as researchers collect it, making it a simple “tag and publish” task for the researcher.  And people could reference your findings in the future, providing you with even more valuable street cred for the entire body of work you have developed (not just the sparse successes).”

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