Faculty Duties and How to Get There?

Kennedy 1997, described faculty duties in the following categories: 1) Teach, 2) mentor, 3) serve the university, 4) discover, 5) publish, 6)tell the truth, 7) reach beyond the walls, 7) To change.

As we argued these duties are interdependent and are sometimes natural outcomes of each others. For instance, a discovery by a faculty is a great service and significant change to university reputation. In almost all cases it will be automatically accompanied with publications and outreach.

I think almost all duties associate with research and teaching can be classified into more general, yet in depth tasks for faculties:

–   Producing knowledge, science, idea, thought

–   Educating people who can continue this production process in the future

How we get there?

Following this science production approach, requires the universities to perhaps review their vision towards research and education, and their expectation from faculties. University should allow and encourage faculties to conduct long-term, well-planned, high impact research studies and be patient enough for the results. Distinguished universities often have such vision and in fact they have gained their reputation based on their fundamental and remarkable contributions to science and knowledge.  Such approach will put universities in a positive reinforcing loop where cutting edge research and knowledge production adds to their reputation with which they continue to conduct fundamental research.  They are not in hurry! Perhaps they gradually accumulate the contributions to the field and make it significant over the years!

I will write more on this topic.

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