11 Paradoxes of Management – from LEGO !!

I got to learn this during our summer trip to Scandinavia. We were on a company visit to LEGO, which I think was one of the best times we had.
As a part of the visit we had the privilege to visit the LEGO museum. I say “Privilege” because the museum is NOT open to the public. One of the exhibits at that museum listed these “11 Paradoxes of Management”.

Here they go..
1. To be able to establish close relationship with your employees – and to keep proper distance
2. To take the lead, – and to recede into the background
3. To show the employee confidence, – and to be aware of their doings
4. To be tolerant, – and to know how you want things done
5. To be concerned about your own field of responsibility, – and at the same time to be loyal to the overall goals of the company
6. To plan your working-day carefully, – and to be flexible to your planning
7. To express your opinion, – and to be diplomatic
8. To be visionary, – and to keep both feet firmly on the ground
9. To aim at consensus, – and to be able to cut through
10. To be dynamic, – but also thoughtful
11. to be self-confident, – and humble

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1 thought on “11 Paradoxes of Management – from LEGO !!

  1. I’m sure that was a very interesting site visit! These 11 paradoxes prove that management is not easy and definitely not meant for everyone. It compliments Chapter 1 in Making Things Happen where the author lists several conflicting attitudes in pursuit of the perfect project manager – ego/no-ego, autocrat/delegator, tolerate ambiguity/pursue perfection, oral/written, acknowledge complexity/championi simplicity, impatient/patient, courage/fear, believer/skeptic. While finding the perfect balance among all of these traits would be impossible, recognizing this list might help the PM to maintain perspective and see the larger picture.

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