Modern Inventory and Order management – StitchLabs

Stitch is the easiest way for modern retailers to gain the visibility, control, and collaboration they need to get the right inventory, in the right place at the right time and be able to quickly deliver it, also Increase profitability by using Single platform.

Today’s Customers want to buy any items, anywhere, anytime, but the more sales channels you sell the more difficulties to manage accurately ,profitable your inventory operations.

Manage inventory, order processing, fulfillment, and planning all in one place using Stitch.

Full Inventory Control – Sync availability across all sales channels and warehouses to ensure you can easily meet and manage all of your commitments.

Optimized Order Management– Manage and fulfill complex orders with challenging customer requirements using best-in-class workflows and advanced order logistics.

Manage efficiently across multiple channels, respond quickly to operational demands, and control your inventory from one place. With Stitch, you get a partner and platform focused on forward-thinking retail, helping you focus on building your business

New Sales Channels – Add new sales channels—brick-and-mortar, ecommerce or wholesale—with seamless integration to e-commerce, POS, and EDI systems.

Advanced Order Fulfillment – Automatically integrate with shipping, warehouse, and 3PL systems to simplify adding new fulfillment options.

Omni channel Growth – Keep replenishment, orders, and stock in sync, allowing you to commit to wholesale orders without jeopardizing direct-to-consumer order fulfillment.

  • Tool to better analyze, forecast, and react to the customers’ changing needs
  • Centralized inventory management to account for sales across multiple channels
  • Multi-warehousing functionality for increased visibility across the entire organization
  • Providing with a scalable way to react and grow rapidly.
  • Automating, centralizing, and streamlining multichannel inventory and operations into a single platform,
  • Stitch Labs provides retailers with the visibility, control, collaboration, and insight needed to drive profitability

Sync Inventory across Retail and Wholesale Channels

Real-Time Data & Better Business Intelligence

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Supply chain at – BELLA+CANVAS

BELLA+CANVAS creating the best crafted T-shirts in the industry.

Bella Canvas Incorporates complete stages of productivity starting from sample design, to mass productions of fabric. At each stage, there is defined set of inputs and outputs that completes the supply chain . Bella Canvas by itself has complete control of the supply chain. Manufactures 2.5 million shirts per week. Over 60 million garments in stock so customers can always order with confidence.


Bella Canvas sells the products, assembles the product, makes all the Dyeing, Cutting, Off-the-Shelf and Ready to Ship from massive distribution center in LA, whenever customer place an order, it is ready to ship that day.


Rotimatic an innovative Product design for kitchen, a robot with Artificial Intelligence.

Rotimatic is a unique product design, a Machine which can make Roti’s from scratch with no effort. This machine gives the world a healthy way to eat whole grains. The concept of Rotimatic itself is extremely novel, imagine you just put in the ingredients and it would make the roti’s with a touch of a button.

It’s an evolving kitchen robot with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things capabilities. Once connected to Wi-Fi, it upgrades itself with the latest software updates and provides remote troubleshooting capabilities. Rotimatic gets smarter overtime and empowers you to do more and get creative.

Rotimatic is designed as a creative way of cooking, a platform to make any type of flatbread.

Cooking of Roti’s using rotimatic saves lot of time, energy efficient, very reliable, maintainable and user friendly.


GarudaVega is bringing a new revolution in a Courier service, from local towns of India to Overseas.

GarudaVega is an international courier service based in India. Provides Pickup/drop of shipment delivery services from local 100 branches & multiple locations to about 200 countries worldwide.

Its business model is based on low cost delivery through Quality & disciplined operations.

MERITS: Quality and flexibility: – Quality control because of the mandatory packing and also under customer supervision. This ensures customer satisfaction. Cater to individual needs of the customer based on the items to be sent. Ex: Some might want to send food items that need custom packing and some might send nonedible item which requires different packing.

Mandatory packing: – All Food materials are effectively packed with Vacuum sealed packing, to avoid damage to the package and other packages. Shipments are packed and tailored to customer’s specific orders based on their supervision. They offer pickup and drop off services. It works 24×7, 365 days to ensure the deliveries are done on time.

The pricing is very competitive when compared to other international services and the prices are less by 40 to 50 percent when compared to services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

Deliveries: Offers fast shipping within 2-3 business days as evident from the end user testimonials.

They pick up  items from the multiple locations in different states of INDIA and ships all over the world – USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Middle East and 200 other countries.