Casino staff uniform tracking via RFID now common in Asia

Casino staff uniform tracking via RFID now common in Asia

The deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to manage the whereabouts of uniforms and linens, as well as to track casino currency used on gaming floor tables, is increasingly common among casino resorts in the Asia Pacific region.

“RFID tags are discreetly attached to the [staff] uniforms to uniquely identify each item and to enable automated inventory tracking,” said Oswald Lares, director of sales and marketing for U.S.-based InvoTech Systems Inc, a supplier of technology for such uses.

Mr. Varley also noted that another feature of the Asian market is that employees are not usually allowed to take their uniforms home. “Large numbers of uniforms are therefore sent to the laundry each day – often 5,000 soiled, and the same number [of] clean [ones]. To keep track of these movements, it is essential that the conveyors are wholly integrated with the uniform-tracking software,” he explained.

“The same RFID controls are now being applied to room linen which can also be an expensive asset. One Macau casino tracks 20,000 linen articles a day to the laundry,” the Autovalet director said

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