Transition to online classes (Additional Blog Post #1)

Well we live in interesting times, don’t we? The coronavirus crisis has converted Virginia Tech and schools across the country into Zoom University. Classes have had to transition to online to keep with social distancing. Although it is only the first week, it would be nice to talk about how it has gone for me in the first couple of days.

I teach public speaking, and it has been interesting transitioning the class online. I feel that it has actually added on a bit more work because we have to set up zoom meeting and make sure everything from a technological perspective is working. We have to create assignments on Canvas to submit pretty much anything. We have zoom meetings as a team to prepare for those classes.

That’s not to say we did not do all of those things when we met in person. It just makes you appreciate the things we take for granted. Our discussion in class about that work/life balance is also been jumbled in the middle of all of this. We’ve had to at times throw that out the window due to this pandemic.

Biggest take-way from all of this: don’t take what we have for granted.

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  1. Billy, I agree with your thoughts that COVID-19 has thrown the work-life balance just completely out the window. The past few days I feel like while I have been doing too much yet doing too little. It is the one change this pandemic has brought that I feel I do not have a handle on just yet. But in the meantime, I have considered a TON of positives of Zoom University though. For one, I no longer spend the time packing up traveling to campus and setting up for a class. I now use this time to make elaborate breakfasts. My research searches on VT resources are never cut short by having to re-sign into VT Lib due to changing wifi servers across campus (one of my biggest research-ing pet peeves). No more smelling coffee breath! (mine or my colleagues). My living space does seem way more cleaner now as I can spontaneously “pick it up” throughout the day. While these are just a few thoughts, I hope they allow you to de-stress a bit during these interesting times.

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