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Virginia Tech has done a lot for me in terms of being able to pursue higher education. I am incredible lucky to be able to receive a scholarship to have school paid for in addition to getting a stipend for my assistantship. I have great faculty who encourage the grad student to pursue research interests that we like. From a personal perspective, I could not be happier about my higher education experience.

However, there are some changes that the university needs to make in regards to higher education. To begin with, make it more accessible and affordable to everyone. There is no reason that if a student wants to pursue a masters degree they shouldn’t be able to at a well reputable school like Virginia Tech. We need to provide an opportunity for more grants and scholarships that can bring students here.

We also may need to prepare long-term for the effects of the coronavirus crisis. The university should be prepared to assist its graduate students in this effort. How do we ensure the students we TA for are getting an equitable learning experience? How do we make sure our technology is up to speed to handle this crisis? How do we allow for research opportunities to continue moving forward?

It will be interesting to see how Virginia Tech handles the future. After all our old motto was “Invent the Future.”





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  1. I too could not be happier with my higher education experiences at Virginia Tech. I too have many of the benefits and privileges you mentioned. It truly is amazing and I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given. In that sense I too want others to have the same opportunities and experiences that I have. From what I have seen so far with the handling of Covid-19, I think that the university has handled things well given the circumstances. I think that this will be a crucial learning experience for situations and crises that may arise in the future. I too am interested to see how the university uses this situation to do even better in the future.

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