Being Myself in the Classroom

This week in class, we are focusing onĀ  “discovering our authentic ‘teaching self’ “. When I first began to read on the topic it really got me thinking, well who AM I as teacher? It’s a question I never really thought to self-reflect on. I knew in grad school well, I would have to teach and that’s how funding would be provided and you more or less learn as you go. Teaching my first class, I really realized how comfortable I felt up there and that teaching was something I personally felt “good” at but, as time progresses and the world around us changes, I realize I need to be growing and evolving with my students. The concept of a learner-centered classroom and the way to maintain boundaries while, promoting student engagement is an amazing one that I am glad to have been exposed to in Dr. Fowler’s course. As I continue on this self-reflective journey, I intend to bring you all along for the ride,…look for a follow-up post to hear about different ideas discussed pertaining to discovering our authentic teaching self.

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