Being Myself in the Classroom

This week in class, we are focusing on  “discovering our authentic ‘teaching self’ “. When I first began to read on the topic it really got me thinking, well who AM I as teacher? It’s a question I never really thought to self-reflect on. I knew in grad school well, I would have to teach and that’s how funding would be provided and you more or less learn as you go. Teaching my first class, I really realized how comfortable I felt up there and that teaching was something I personally felt “good” at but, as time progresses and the world around us changes, I realize I need to be growing and evolving with my students. The concept of a learner-centered classroom and the way to maintain boundaries while, promoting student engagement is an amazing one that I am glad to have been exposed to in Dr. Fowler’s course. As I continue on this self-reflective journey, I intend to bring you all along for the ride,…look for a follow-up post to hear about different ideas discussed pertaining to discovering our authentic teaching self.

Wisdom Teeth Worries

Hello my fellow contributors to the Noosphere,

I am going to start off this blog sort of divulging into my personal world. Just a few days ago I had ALL four wisdom teeth pulled and I have been swollen like a chipmunk and on a constant rotation of medications for pain and to prevent infection. I decided that despite being swollen and not able to perfectly articulate when I speak, I still wanted to teach my classes this past week. I was anxious and nervous that the students would be slightly harsh, I would hear whispers and jokes, and that the students would be angry and feel I was wasting their time if they couldn’t clearly hear the lesson I was trying to get across that day.

I really learned how amazing, compassionate, and mature my students are when given the opportunity. The fact that I had to relinquish more power to them then usual, due to my current condition, really showed me that they are more then capable of not abusing that power and truly flourish in such a situation. I am very interested in further learning how to incorporate learner-centered teaching and changing the environment of my classroom. I look forward to seeing more examples come alive in the days and weeks to come. Now off to more medication and rest,……

Hello world!

This is my first blog and I am thoroughly looking forward to offer exciting new ideas while also receiving new ideas as well. I am completely new to this world so, along the way if I get stuck or stumped if my fellow colleagues would lend a hand I would more then appreciate that. I’m open-minded and as the blog entails a Big Dreamer! So, I hope together we can make big dreams realities!