Week 10: Copyright in the classroom

This is the first reading that I think may have given me serious pause about my own classroom behavior. Typically I will use videos and other content during my lectures. I think that my undergraduate students have trouble responding to the straight lecture model that I grew up with.

The videos that I’m using may or may not be protected under copyright laws. I was under the false impression that if it is for educational purposes and not commercial purposes there were little to no restrictions on what I use and how I use it. This is clearly not the case.

I found the readings instructive in what I can or can not use and will definitely not only change some of my behaviors but research this issue more and talk to colleagues who may be under the same false assumptions.

I found the VT Fair Use Analysis Tool very helpful. I may not use this for everything that I show in my classes, but I entered probably 5 different products into it and that really helped me figure out what was off limits.

I wish that I had been further exposed to this information at the beginningĀ of my teaching.

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