Week 9: Final Project

I would like to explore how the class concepts have related to my actual teaching experiences at both Virginia Tech and at Radford University. I will compare the academic integrity programs at both schools and combine that with my own anecdotal experiences as well as relevant research. There are many similarities in the underlying goals of both policies regarding plagiarism and cheating, but how those two programs are executed and what is expected as an instructor are very different.

The purpose of the paper would be to expose future GTAs and adjunct faculty to the different environments they may find themselves in as they enter the teaching profession. The policies and experiences at Virginia Tech do not always translate directly to different types of institutions who have their own culture regarding ethics in the classroom. At times I personally felt challenged by the different cultures and had to figure out how to navigate them in a way that was both fair and ethical.

This paper essentially is a discussion that I wish I had had, prior to starting my position as an adjunct faculty. Topics will include the process for reporting discrepancies to the university, how teachers use their discretion in such instances and the guidance and support that new adjunct faculty is given in navigating these systems.

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