Week 7: Citations

This could not be a more timely reading. This week I had a student who had written a paper without attributing the words and ideas she used to the original author. It was such a blatant case of plagiarism that I felt compelled to refer the student to the academic integrity board at the university I teach at.

During the next class, we discussed as a group some of the fundamentals of good citations and why we need to do this as scholars. There were a number of students who were having trouble citing work and I think it was a beneficial lesson.

The students brought up at least two questions about some of the finer points in citations that I didn’t know. I said that I would research the answer and get back to them. I take for granted that I try to cite work correctly and that I am experienced in it. Going through the last couple of weeks has made me reexamine my own citation strategies and teaching students has definitely made my own research stronger.

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