Week 6:

I really like the video that we reviewed this week. Even though it was a little cheesy,¬† it helped to take the ethical concerns that we have been reading about seem less abstract. I haven’t been part of the research situation like this, but it something we hear about a lot.

I think that especially in today’s environment where the public and elected officials are not giving their full confidence to academics and scientist and researchers, we all have to do our best to be above reproach. Issues like global warming become muddled in the public debate when the public, begins to trust charismatic but non-experts over experts in the field.

In the video, I was the graduate student Kim who had to report Gregg. There were times when I realized how social and departmental pressures could be a barrier to the types of actions that this situation required. I’m happy I went through the exercise to hopefully better prepare me if something like this comes up at a later date. In the military, we trained for every contingency¬†that we could think of before going on a mission. The scenarios that we encountered didn’t always come true but we were better able to do our job when we prepared for them.


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