Week 1: Introductions

Hello class! My name is Ben Louis and I am a graduate student in the PGG program. I began teaching as a GTA and Adjunct faculty and have run into some type of ethical question almost semester. I’m taking this course and getting the future professoriate certificate because my teaching experiences have made me aware of how much more complex and at time challenging teaching can be.

I really love the classroom and hope that I can learn and explore in this course new ways of thinking about what it is we do.

One thought on “Week 1: Introductions”

  1. Hi Ben
    I’m not familiar with PGG but it’s always great to meet a fellow graduate student. It is really amazing how much teaching experience you have! I am also working as a TA this year, but it is my first time so it was definitely a bit tricky at first. As someone who is usually pretty quiet, being in the spotlight was a bit nerve-wracking.


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