The role of technology in a political science class

I began my career in political science when professors didn’t use powerpoints. Nor did they blog, or know what social media was. My professors lectured almost exclusively. Usually from notes on a yellow legal pad which look like it had been serving its purpose for years. Supplementary materials were exclusively books, not videos or other media.

I am not trying to teach in the environment that I studied in. Technology is so important to the average student in my class, that only the most experienced and competent professor could hope to hold their attention for 50 minutes just by talking. And just for the record I am not the most competent or experienced professor.

This leaves me with little choice but to accept the benefits and drawbacks of technology in the classroom which has become such a hallmark of the university.

I discovered in my defeat, in my surrender to this trend that there was actually a lot to be gained from utilizing technology. I supplement lecture with videos, blogs, or other things. I communicate to my students through a host of methods and have found it very effective. In the end some times you have to give a little to get a lot.

2 thoughts on “The role of technology in a political science class”

  1. Definitely agree with you that technology in assist us human can make things fantastic. I also believe that technology itself with out the teachers can not help students much and students need to be in close contact with teachers in order the technology be effective.

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