The Joy of Teaching

My mother is an artist. She told me a long time ago that she paints because that is what she finds joy in doing. She has never made a lot of fame or fortune through painting. Nor are you likely to see any of her work hanging at a fancy museum anytime soon, but she does it anyways. I think she has given me a great example when it comes to choosing a profession. Teaching is unlikely to ever make me the kind of money that I could make in other professions, and it is unlikely I will be known throughout the world for my scholarship. I am pursuing this career anyways because it is what brings me joy.

Not only do I get so much out of working with students, and writing and learning myself, but I think that I can give a lot more to the students if I do so with joy in my heart. Whenever I have taught a lesson about something that really interest me, I find that my students become more interested in the subject. This is unlikely because our interest match up so precisely, I think it is much more likely caused by them responding to my attitude and energy. So I will endeavor to do whatever it is I am doing with joy.

5 thoughts on “The Joy of Teaching”

  1. I think it is important to find something that you enjoy doing. This seems obvious until you start hearing the pressures of society pushing you into “a more marketable” job. I say, keep it up and it will pay off.

    P.S. Is there anyway to see your mom’s work?

  2. Really we should do what we would like to do. My opinion is we should choose the profession depending on what actually we want to accomplish. We should not let others interrupting our wish and desire. Best of luck !

  3. It it really important to do what we want to do, not being influenced by other factors like paying. Just go ahead according to our heart without no hesitation and interruption by others.

  4. Having passionate in a job is definitely essential. Also obtaining the necessary knowledge we need to get in order to be successful in a job is very important. The courses like the future professionate that we had this semester can really help us toward the job we are seeking.

  5. You wrote, “Not only do I get so much out of working with students, and writing and learning myself,” which reminded me about Richard Feynman making a tangentially similar observation about how teaching helped him learn himself.

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