Well-being Day

Hello, Hokies! Today is your second well-being day. Take this day to focus on your mental health and well-being! To spread happiness, share ideas on how you are spending the day. Post photos of you enjoying your well-being day and use the hashtag #VTBetterTogether.

Photo Credit: John Jezior

Random Acts of Kindness

Today is the start of Random Acts of Kindness week. There are many easy and affordable ways to spread kindness to those around you. A simple handwritten note, comment, or smile can help brighten someone’s day. We encourage you to go out and spread kindness, not only this week but everyday. Post a photo spreading kindness this week and use the hashtag, #VTBetterTogether.

Ending the Stigma

Help us end the stigma around mental health and well-being. We all have mental health. Caring for your own well-being as well as others, is necessary in the fight against stigma. Let’s listen to each other and encourage a safe environment where mental health and well-being can be discussed without fear of judgement. #VTBetterTogether

Let’s Listen

“People start to heal the moment they are heard.”- Cheryl Richardson

Part of the #VTBetterTogether campaign is listening to one another to form a community that is Better Together. This idea is marked by the phrase, “Let’s Listen,” meaning that providing a safe ear may help one feel heard. Part of the process is communicating your thoughts or hardships to someone you trust. Tag a supportive listener of yours below.

Well-being Day

“Treat Yourself.” Tomorrow, February 5th, is the first official spring break day. Take this day to focus on your mental well-being! To spread happiness, share ideas on how to spend the day. Tomorrow, post photos of you enjoying your first spring break day and use the hashtag #VTBetterTogether.

Photo Credit: Isabella Moncure

Mental Health Initiative Campaign

Hello Hokies! Let’s welcome the VT Better Together Mental Health and Well-Being Campaign.

#VTBetterTogether is the result of a mental health task force commissioned by Provost Cyril Clarke. This campaign highlights ways that we can become stronger mental health advocates through learning about mental health; helping others; getting help for ourselves; and staying mentally healthy as a whole community. We can be Better Together.