The Value of Education 

At some point, in good or bad situations, many of us have asked ourselves before: Why do we go to a university to learn undergraduate and graduate education? most people might first answer: to make more money! Other responses might be: to gain social and peer respect, to fit our social circle, to make our families happy, or I do not know… Given our current scenario in which every high school student is expected to complete undergraduate education, educators need to help students to find the answer to that important question.

Educators should provide students with more than facts related to their area of focus. We should promote and discuss the social role of the academic program. This can be achieved by providing a historical perspective of the profession and highlighting the importance of integrating personal feelings to the professional practice. Students will change their how they value education once they are guided to think about the non-academic contextual environment of their professions. This will help our students to be happier, be critical of institutions and systems, and perform better their professional duties in society. Ultimately, students might understand that getting education goes beyond making more money.quote-it-is-not-so-very-important-for-a-person-to-learn-facts-for-that-he-does-not-really-need-a-albert-einstein-365866