Welcome to my Blog… What is it about?

My plan for this blog is to share information and my thoughts on subjects related to human and animal developmental biology. I will address these topics from the physiological standpoint; always trying to tie the content to environmental, bioethical, and well being issues. In this occasion I am introducing broadly the concept of developmental biology and discuss my main interest within this science.

First and foremost, developmental biology could be broadly defined as the branch of biological sciences that studies the processes (chemical, molecular, and physiological), that bring two reproductive cells (gametes) to combine and produce an embryo to progressively generate structures such as specialized cells, organs, systems, and fully mature organisms.

Early in my veterinary studies, reproductive sciences sparked my interest in understanding how gametes can produce an offspring. It is a fascinating process that many people consider a miracle due to the complexity of the events. However, I want to discuss the most important steps to illustrate the greatest adaptations that animals have acquired to propagate in their environments.  My greatest interest in this science lays in understanding the communication between mammalian embryos, in early stages, and the maternal environment to begin the implantation process. More importantly, my ultimate goal is to understand the physiology and environmental effects in those developmental steps to aid animal conservation. Nevertheless, I will be discussing some other important aspects that occur throughout development in mammal and non-mammalian species.

Thank you for reading and I will be posting again soon!