The Eve of Departure

As I write this, I am sitting at a Starbucks in Blacksburg. My bags are sitting at home packed with the exception of the last few items that are still in my car from my target run about an hour ago. My itinerary is set, flights are booked, banks have been notified, and my passport is updated and packed (I already checked my suitcase three times to make sure it was actually in there). I have three more hours in Blacksburg to finish some writing and make last minute preparations before my journey starts with a drive to Dulles Interational Airport. From there, I will fly nonstop to Munich where I will spend a few days with my sister-in-law before meeting up with the rest of the GPP 2017 group in Zurich.

At this point, I am filled with excitement and a small amount of nerves. I have travelled alone before with no familiar face to meet me at the other side customs, so this feels easy comparatively. I am excited to see my sister in law and catch up after a long six months without her. I am excited to see new places and beautiful views. I am excited to try new foods – chocolate, coffee, etc, etc, etc. I am excited to meet new people, hear new languages, and learn new traditions. But, most of all, I am excited to take a break from the bubble of Blacksburg and readjust my mindset to a global perspective.

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