Surprisingly, this was not the first semester that I have been to VTLUUG meetings. I had heard about and attended VTLUUG meetings last year, when I knew one of the officers and another friend that attended as well. The officer graduated, so alas me and my friend stopped going. When I found out that going to meetings got us class credit, I was more than willing to go back. While many of the people I knew were no longer there, it was nice to know that the club wouldn’t be completely new, and that I wasn’t just going for class. Granted, the knowledge of most of the people far surpassed my own, so I felt a sort of disconnect between what I could contribute and what they were discussing, but it was better than nothing. They were talking about things that I had no understanding of, so unfortunately meetings could get dull. When they brought up things I had just explored from class, however, it was cool to see how much they knew and how deep that particular thing could get. They also touched on other things, being so technologically inclined, so I learned about a bunch of other things that weren’t necessarily Unix or Linux related, such as tor. Did you know that VT hosts a tor node? I didn’t.


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