Last Post – Goodbye World!

Okay, not really goodbye, but this is where my blog for this class comes to an end. Yeah, they were kinda cramped and totally all at the end (sorry), but it was seriously good to sit down and reflect on what, throughout the semester, was REALLY worth writing about. Thinking back may be good, but writing about it really helps you think about what you got out of the semester. If it wasn’t particularly significant, you realize it because there’s nothing to write about it.

Improvements? Well for one, I know that physical attendance in class was lackluster at best. Maybe offer an incentive to actually show up? There were quizzes, yes, but they were all online and doable from home, as us college slackers are so quick to figure out. Class was interesting enough, but unfortunately that doesn’t guarantee attendance. I’m not blaming the class itself for this, but a change may be needed. Just a suggestion.

Office hours should be more convenient. There were many times that I feel like I should have gone, but it was only possible to meet on friday–and on friday, I didn’t want to or forgot. Maybe that’s just my issue, but it would have been more convenient to have it on a day that I was going to be on campus, and not ready to crash and go home. Sometimes physical presence is more helpful than gchat? I don’t know, something to think about.

Anyway, I had fun in the class. Writing is a bit cumbersome to me usually (which results in procrastination), but the things learned in class is definitely going to be useful later.

Thanks, and have fun with next year!

-Brian Chen

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