Midterm Test

Well, that was interesting. It was certainly given in the most unique form I’ve seen so far at tech. It took a little bit just to get into it and understanding what I needed to set up simply to begin the assignment, but once I understood, the midterm really wasn’t bad. I guess my initial confusion came from the two hour time constraint, being that I heard it takes every minute that we’re given, so I didn’t really read the preface closely.

Anyway, that test was actually pretty fun, save for the last part. Part 2 through 4 though, where it asked what certain commands accomplish, felt like an easter egg hunt, except I had to think of a command and test it until I found what it does. More or less what I normally have to do for an assignment, except I had a ticking clock bearing down on me. Still, I didn’t really mind those parts. There were two questions that I simply could not figure out, but I’ll chalk that up to the fact that there are so many commands.

The last part was pretty tough. Debugging the program was simple enough, I think I just changed a parentheses or an indentation and it seemed to work. I spend the remainder of the time trying to figure out the second choice of three, but unfortunately time ran out. Still, I didn’t feel too bad as I hit the submit button. I think that test wasn’t too easy, but was too bad either.

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