Learning the Unix Commands

This is post I should’ve written at the beginning of the year, about the way we learned a good amount of the shell commands we were going to have to take advantage of over the course of the year. That would be, of course, Unix Command School. The fact that Unix took individual commands preprogrammed to do certain things reminds me of last year, when I used to have to program in assembly. Assembly works in much the same way, with individual commands that would ┬ámove around registers or bit values. Now, as I began to learn more and more about commands, the more parallels I drew. Registers were kind of like the unix file system, where you could move bits around to different registers and check what was in them, like you can move files around in folders in Unix and list their contents.

Learning everything at the beginning was definitely a good idea, like reading a manual or instruction sheet before a project. While I’m sure I could have just jumped right into the first homework assignment without doing this, it would have taken much longer to search, individually, for every command i think I would need. Actually, the best thing was that Unix Command School told me what I COULD do, and thus I knew what I needed to do when it came time to do it.

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