Github Talk

Well, how convenient. After having to deal with Github a few times, Virginia Tech’s very own ACM announces that a speaker from Github will be giving a presentation in mcbryde. ACM stands for Association of Computing Mechanics, and is primarily a computer science majored club, but either way they always bring in speakers form companies to give talks that I enjoy going to.

In any case, github is way deeper than I had imagined. It’s not just simply a code bank, but it is useful for many other purposes as well. They have offshoot services called Gist and Gauges that the speaker talked about, as well as showing us how to manage files through the shell alone. They way they ran the talk was also pretty unique, where he didn’t just stand on the podium and speak to us with a few visual aids. Instead, the speaker had his computer connected to the projector and showed us what he was doing on-screen while explaining it at the same time. He answered questions while typing out examples, and even had another window up that gave a visual indication of what was going on. I brought my laptop, as they encouraged, to follow along, but unfortunately I got lost about halfway through. Still, I thought the explanations were good enough to understand what was going on. It really was interesting, which is more than I can say for many of these talks.

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