Final Project

So a big part of this semester is the Final Project. My group is doing a room reservation manager, where a properly implemented system will allow students and staff of Virginia Tech to choose any room on campus, a date, and a time frame. Assuming there are no errors, pressing “book” will book that room. Simple, easy, and hopefully useful. A room cannot be reserved twice at the same time, and cannot bridge dates. Admittedly there aren’t very many bells and whistles, but at it’s very core, we believe that it does what it should. By the principles of Unix and it’s rules of clarity and transparency, our project is very straightforward and easy to understand. It’s also find that it’s very adaptable, in that it would also be easy to add any bells and whistles we (or any potential clients) may want added. We realized that some rooms on campus have two room numbers or can be split in half, so adding that functionality would be one of the things we could appreciate in the future.

I appreciate the group I’m in. All five of us have contributed to the project, and it doesn’t feel like we’ve left anyone out. I know that not all groups are this fortunate, so I can appreciate everyone’s help–particularly based on groups I’ve had for other classes in the past. All five of us are friends, which made completing the project nothing short of enjoyable either, giving us a chance to hang out after work was done. I also hope that we all feel the work was evenly distributed, and we all contributed on the paper as we had on the code. All I can say was that it was one of the better projects I’ve been a part of.

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