Unix Early Impressions

Well, an update has been up an coming for a long time. Despite the current time in terms of the semester, I want to begin my impressions and thoughts about Unix, Python, and everything we’ve learned from the beginning. Nothing really changes from what I would have written earlier in the semester, only there is an added benefit of looking at it from a more complete picture.

I began with a marginal knowledge in linux, strictly from a user standpoint. I had ubuntu dual-booted on an old laptop, but I served as nothing more than an experimental platform for when I wanted the system to boot up and shut down as quickly as possible. The lack of bloat was the best selling point at the time, but otherwise I wasn’t really making use of its benefits over windows at all. It was simply an OS.

As far as python, UNIX, and programming went, it was all really new to me. I had never really poked around the shell or any of the commands, as I had no reason to. If anything, it was pretty cool to see all the different things you could do exclusively through the shell, as well as the reasoning behind the invention of the mouse. As a sort of side tangent, mice are a relatively recent invention/adoption, so I had always wondered how files and systems were navigated before then. While it takes a little while to get used to, but for certain applications it is by far a more efficient method of file management, especially if already know where something is within your file tree. In any case, this class was a look at a side of computer usage that I see much more rarely.

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