What do you believe it means to be a faculty member?

Being a faculty member is a prestigious profession in society that brings respect to a person. It is also a very beneficial job. Faculty members have a tremendous role in nurturing young peoples’ minds, who are the most powerful and influential group in all societies. Students thrive and grow by absorbing faculties’ knowledge and then improve their society using the great combination of knowledge and youth power. Additionally, for faculty members, being surrounded by a young group is rewarding. The youth energy that flows all over the university can affect faculty and keeps them energized.

Besides teaching, being a faculty member usually includes research. Faculty members mostly can lead the focus of their research toward what they really like and enjoy the time, effort and energy that they put on their research. The idea of being paid to concentrate on reading and writing about topics that we love is fantastic and tempting. In the process of research, collaborating with other members of the professional community is mostly a reward that comes with the job. It mostly happens through seminars and workshops that are the inseparable parts of a scholarly profession.

Working as a faculty member also gives scholars the opportunity to broaden their horizons and step out of the comfort zone of their technical area of expertise. Faculty members are usually required to help bring money into their university with grants.  It, however, is not possible without having great communication knowledge to attract and convince potential clients. Additionally, in order to have a fair and reasonable contract, having some business knowledge is also useful and required. These two skillsets are applicable to all other aspects of a person’s life and helps one to flourish and succeed in personal life as well.

On top of all the great aspects of being a faculty member, another opportunity is to have influence on university policies; even though it might be a small influence. Most faculties can get involved and try to affects the major decisions by serving on different committees. Due to the leading role of universities and colleges on society, faculties, in fact, indirectly have a positive effect on their community.

In spite of all positive specifications of the profession, in my opinion, being a faculty member has a negative aspect, which is the level of stress during the first few years. In the last decades, the competition to get and keep a job as a faculty member has increased tremendously. The number of applicants increased, but the needs for new faculty members have not kept up with the increment. It all leads to a huge and in some cases unbearable pressure on new faculty members, who are working toward getting tenure. The thought of losing all that one have wished and worked hard toward for more than 20 years looks like a nightmare more than a dream.

Considering all aspects of being a faculty member, in general, the profession is perfect for one who loves to learn and know more every day and who likes to be in contact with others. The career helps one to grow in all aspects of life, personally and professionally, and provide the ideal situation to experience a dynamic profession. To me, being a faculty member makes every day of life more interesting and worthy to live.




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