Stereotype treat is an inseparable factor of diversity

The last class we talked about educational system in different countries. Here, I would like to use this opportunity to bring up the Stereotype treat subject.

Stereotype treat is an inseparable factor of diversity. I believe that regardless of how much we try to keep our opinions unbiased, we all can remember times that we judge others just by what they wear, how they look, what gender they have, what nationality they are, so on and so forth.

I read somewhere that our brain can be set on “pilot” and “auto-pilot”. I believe that it is true but the point would be: does “pilot” mode means full control of our thinking? I don’t think so. If stereotype poisoned our brain in any shape, it would somehow affect our behavior. It could even show itself in the opposite form. Try to recall times when one tried to compensate a common stereotype by leaning toward the other side and gave more credit to that group even in mind.

In some aspects, our brain is likened to a computer’s memory. There is always ways to retrieve data from your PC, even though you had deleted the information. It doesn’t matter that one dose not want to recall data and tries hard to forget them, they are still somewhere in there!


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