Communicating Science

Individuals are defined and somehow judged based on their communication with their surroundings. Each one of us has a unique analogy in our brain, which lies behind our unique life, that subconsciously categorizes people in our mind: smart, beautiful, nice, affectionate, …. Regardless of our unique analogy, some characteristics are mostly defined as positive and some as negative. For instance, beauty has always been attractive for people. We all try to look nice and neat every day. Buying nice cloths, using beauty products, having regular trips to beauty salons are all some prices that we pay to look sophisticated and beautiful. People enjoy their nice appearance because it somehow absorbs more affection, respect and attention.

Smartness is almost always positive characteristic too. People like to look smart and like to hang out with smart people. After the last class, I kept thinking about the outcomes of all activities. Almost all activities that we did in class tried to teach us how to look as smart as we really are. The ultimate outcome would be more attention from our surroundings; it could be in the form of new opportunities, new funds, and new relations. My point would be how the unwritten rule of communication can define every aspects of our life!


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