Come up with better examples!

I think that being creative in class is the most important thing for a teacher. Students are sick of the same old same old lectures that just narrate the textbook and have no real life example what so ever. When I, a trained and expert one, do not create the link between my lecture and my students’ everyday life, I cannot expect them to all be intuitive and do so.

Another point us that examples should be updated by time. They should be realistic and students should feel them. It does not mean that teachers must go crazy to find real life examples, but just update the old ones. For instance in my major, to teach earth gravity force, I can make an example about a pen falling down or can be more passionate and make an example about a football falling down and embellish the example with a pinch of excitement of a football game. Which one can dig harder in students’ memory?

After years, I still remember almost all of the examples that my professor was made in one of my classes, combustion. The feeling that I have when I think about all of that examples is that they were playing with student soul and make them feel the example. They were mostly real stories about combustion, fire and different ways that fire spreads, which was the subject of the course.

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