Modern education {1}

The thing that really inspired me to write this post was a video that I recently saw in social media about education system. The video was pointing to many different modern classic tools and technologies that we all use in everyday life and it was comparing them to the very past like 150 years ago. For example, cars, telephones, planes and many more  that have changed drastically.
When it comes to learning, the change was very slight. The classroom shape, the way students sit in class and the way teachers stand in the class were very similar to 150 years ago and from that time I can’t stop myself thinking about it. I’m constantly thinking that is our education system as modern as other systems that we use nowadays? And is it progressing as quick as other technologies in the world.
The way we are examined through assignments and exams, the way we sit in class and the way teachers teach in classes, seems unchanged since many many years ago. Isn’t it the time that we can propose new ideas for changing and enhancing the education system? Perhaps this question is the question of other people as well. Maybe, for some people it is very ordinary like eating and walking and they think that education and training is like other habits of life and the way it is might be the optimum method. But I doubt that if we grow on other aspects of technology but keep one thing away from changes, things will work well. We all have seen that even online courses are very controversial and many people have criticized about it. Even I believe that the online courses we have access are very week and most students don’t finish things to the end when they start learning online. To me, the poor performance indicates that we need to change the online training system and not leaving it as it is and stick to the old-fashioned way of learning. There are very slight use of social media and even very little use of online videos, tools and other means of learning. I really would like to discuss this with other people and see how they feel and think about this matter.