Interview tips for academic positions:{5}

I found maybe some interview tips might be useful for grad students seeking academic jobs and so I started searching for it and here I share the summery of what I got:

The academic interviews are usually 1.5 to 2 days and the candidate should give a talk and 30 minute meetings from breakfast through dinner.  Be positive and think of yourself as a faculty member from the time you start applying for jobs. Do some research about the university, department, the program and probably the people interviewing you then you can come up with ideas how to have future contribution for the department. Show enthusiasm and excitement to work in that university department and especially in that position.

The top 4 interview questions are as follows:

Describe your research:

  • What research you will do next.
  • What are the limitations of your research.
  • What is the broader significance of your research.
  • What will be the first research project for a student working with you.

How will you teach:

  • What are the courses you like to teach and how will you teach them.
  • Certain courses especially the ones in your CV and you think you can teach.
  • How your research will effect your teaching.

Why do you want to work in this university:

  • What are the interesting things about the university you completed your degree in.
  • In what ways you can contribute to the department.

Do you have any questions:

  • You can come up with, What, in particular, are you looking for in filling this position?
  • What research funds are available at different levels of the university?
  • What, in particular, are you looking for in filling this position?
  • What type of summer support is available?


You should speak with pride a bout your achievements and accomplishments in your research. Take responsibility for the work you have accomplished. For the questions about the marital status, family, religion and etc, you can answer and say that it doesn’t affect the job or you can say that it makes you feel uncomfortable