Interdisciplinary majors and its importance{1}

Nowadays, very complex phenomena happen all over the world that regular academic disciplines are not sufficient to solve or figure out the problems. Each discipline addresses only one specific aspect. Connections among diverse studies lead to better understanding the nonlinearity of the problems. Hence, the need for interdisciplinary studies grow every day and many interdisciplinary majors have been developed during the recent years to accelerate the progress of exploring and understanding the problems better.

In general, interdisciplinarity involves combining of two or more academic disciplines in to one discipline to develop more creative and powerful way of thinking and solving the problems. Interdisciplinary involves researchers, students and teachers in the goal of connecting and combining several academic schools in to one consistent and goal-oriented study. Some examples of interdisciplinary majors are Applied Mathematics, Environmental Science, Mathematical Economics, Cognitive Science, Biomedical Science and Healthcare Systems. Cognitive science that also counts for one of the interdisciplinary majors in my area is the combination of psychology, philosophy, computer science and neuro science. The main aim of this major is to enable human being understand the learning process that happens in the brains of human. Figuring out the learning process is very important for the scientist of many majors. From computer science perspective, understanding the learning process in human and animal brains help us design and build machines that can learn like human and react smartly and wisely. The application mostly goes to robotics and smart machines that try to act like humans.