• Modern education

    The thing that really inspired me to write this post was a video that I recently saw in social media about education system. The video was pointing to many different modern classic tools and technologies that we all use in everyday life and it was comparing them to the very past like 150 years ago. For example, […]

  • Future of the university;

    One of the things I think can change in higher education is that having mentors for graduate students to be mandatory like having advisors. Essentially, how I think is that grad students especially PhD students in their early years of study will need more general advice that can help them survive the PhD and solve […]

  • Interview tips for academic positions:

    I found maybe some interview tips might be useful for grad students seeking academic jobs and so I started searching for it and here I share the summery of what I got: The academic interviews are usually 1.5 to 2 days and the candidate should give a talk and 30 minute meetings from breakfast through […]

  • Academic vs industry jobs for PhD students

    One of the challenges of PhD students is either go for academic jobs or a job in industry. Especially as we get closer to the graduation, this question obsess our minds unless one is very motivated to teaching and research so he/she will be pretty determined about academic jobs. The choice between academia and an […]

  • Women in Computing

      Today I’m going to talk about some information about women in computing. I just returned back from a trip for CRA-W Grad Cohort workshop in San Diego. The aim of the work shop was to help new female grad students in the area of computing to overcome the problems they face during their studies, […]

  • Interdisciplinary majors and its importance

    Nowadays, very complex phenomena happen all over the world that regular academic disciplines are not sufficient to solve or figure out the problems. Each discipline addresses only one specific aspect. Connections among diverse studies lead to better understanding the nonlinearity of the problems. Hence, the need for interdisciplinary studies grow every day and many interdisciplinary […]

  • Freedom in academia

    Today I’m going to post about the definition of freedom in academia, what the freedom includes and what restrictions and limitations it has, as well as the importance of freedom in academia. Generally speaking, the academia freedom is an essential right of faculty members in most legal systems. In US. It is defined as “Teachers […]