Future of the university

 Change about higher education

 I believing changing the system should be a central goal of higher education; for example, we should give more effort to connect our students with real-life problems and practices. This could happen by using simulation as a major learning tool in classes to give them better understanding of the subjects and give them hands-on learning on projects. I believe educators should choose topics that are more related to students’ work after graduation. For example, professors should implement existing case studies, which will provide them with needed IT programs and videos to practice the real projects process.  This will allow them to discover the unexpected problems by themselves, while learning how to solve these problems. Moreover, they should choose models that explain the topic and clarify the learning goals.

I will use an innovative teaching philosophy that connects the modern teaching pedagogies that I learned at Virginia Tech with my existing learning experiences that I have gained during the past years such as diversity, technology use, transparency in personal relations with students and grading policies, industry connection, simulation learning, and improving the students’ communication skills. Bottom-line, I will choose a learner-centered syllabus for each one of my classes that gives my students the base of life-long learning tools and enables them to educate themselves with a minor intervention from me; usually, my role in the class will be a facilitator.

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