Mission Statement

King Saud University and Yale University

King Saud University

Location: Riyadh

Country: Saudi Arabia Riyadh

Type: public university

In their mission statement, The King Saud University claims to provide high-quality education in different disciplines and promote students knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. The statement emphasizes a connection with companies outside to improve service to society. King Saud University goals are to educate students in different disciplines and provide social experiences to prepare better outcomes in education students can share with society. Moreover, King Saud University seeks to “To provide students with a quality education, conduct valuable research, serve the national and international societies and contribute to Saudi Arabia’s society through learning, creativity, the use of current and developing technologies and effective international partnership.” In addition, King Saud University looks to be the best university in the world and a pioneer in the development societal knowledge quality and excellence. The statement is interesting to me because it provides strategy and objectives to graduate student with the best education and “global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society”


Yale University

Location: New Haven, CT

Country: USA

Type: Private University

The Yale University mission statement focuses on engaging students from national and international backgrounds. Yale’s goals are to educate students in different disciplines and social experiences so as to prepare them to be the world’s leaders and servers. This statement is interesting to me because it provides a strategy to improve students. For example, Yale claims they will work “to develop [student’s] intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities to the fullest.” We can see this more specifically by looking at mission statements from different disciplines, such as the School of Architecture, which focuses on “the creation of human environments.” Furthermore, Yale architecture students are “called upon to direct sensitivity, imagination, and intellect to the physical significance of these fundamental issues in designing a coherent environment for people.” Thus, they are treated as professional architects.

Compare/ Contrast

According to their mission statements, the education at the Universities are similar, King Saud University and Yale University have similar educational approaches such as improve education, provide graduate students with the best education, and enhance their knowledge, skills and relevant experience. Both statements also focus on   development of students’ intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities to the fullest. Moreover, they provide a supportive learning environment for faculty, staff and students that to be ensuring a sustainable environment for the pursuit of excellence.

The policy of the governments and the University are different depending on the   goals and outcomes in the education. King Saud University is the first university in Saudi Arabia and public institution under imperial the ministry of higher education. But Yale University is private institution for national and international students and the strategy and development are inside the university.

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