Welcome to my E-Portfolio and Blog. This semester (Spring 2019) is my first semester at Virginia Tech. I am Studying Ph.D of Planning, Governance and Globalization there.

I am from Iran and I studied my B.Sc and M.Sc. in Urban Planning at University of Tehran. My ultimate aim for studying was always receiving a Ph.D degree and becoming an expert in my field in order to gain a great insight for research and teach. Working in an academic environment as a researcher or professor is my career goal, because I believe it is through this job that I can have a larger and also more meaningful impact on peoples’ lives.

Living and studying in Tehran, the biggest and most crowded city of Iran, made me realize that one of the most important matters of these cities are environmental issues such as air pollution. I realized how much people of my country, especially in crowded cities, suffer from air pollution. Different experts in my country have already tried to solve this crucial problem, but I saw a gap: the role of urban designers and planners. Therefore, for my masters’ thesis I decided to investigate the role of urban design solutions in order to mitigate concentration of pollutants in urban street canyons. My research experience was so precious to me since I learned a lot about how to be logical, patient and strong throughout the whole research process.

Therefore, through my background in environmental planning field, I am still interested a lot in environmental issues such as planning for adapting to climate change, investigating a resilient urban form to hazards and disasters, planning for sustainable urban growth and environmental impact assessing of different plans (e.g. transportation, land use or land development plans). My research approach inclination is toward simulation and modeling. I prefer to mix quantitative approach with qualitative in order to gain more reliable results.

Outside of academia I enjoy hiking, jogging and traveling. I am an easygoing person, and I love my friend gatherings. Listening to music during doing all my jobs is another characteristic of mine.