Study Abroad

These days studying abroad has become a widespread phenomenon throughout the world. Each year many students around the world choose to pursue their education in universities and educational institutions other than their hometowns. There are many factors associated with this phenomenon. Many internal factors push them to migrate to another country for studying, and also there are many other attractive factors in host countries which pull and encourage them to apply to their universities and choose to study there. Obviously, there would be a variation in push and pull factors in different countries. Students in different countries have different motivations for studying abroad and choosing their destinations. Those motivations are more due to the political, economic, social and educational situations of their hometowns and their chosen destinations.

My investigations, initial thoughts and personal analysis about external pull and internal push factors delineated these factors for me as the most influential ones:

  • Better education quality
  • hospitality and diversity of host countries
  • Inclusion and quality of life at host countries
  • Better job opportunities after graduation in hometowns
  • Ongoing political, social, and economic situations in hometowns
  • High competition for entering to graduate programs in hometowns
  • Personal factors, social status and family forces

Definitely these are initial thoughts and findings and there are more factors associated with this issue.