Impact of Education System on Student’s performance

During a series of presentations about different education systems throughout the world, I noticed students of those countries which have more strict and forceful education systems, usually are well known for their good performance in higher education level at universities which have diverse environment (Because in those environments there is this opportunity for comparison). Admittedly, this hypothesis needs further thorough examinations. However, my own experience so far showed me students of some countries for some reasons (which later revealed to me maybe it is because of their countries education systems) are more hardworking and as a result more successful during their higher education. This issue is maybe because of that they throughout their all childhood were trained to work and study hard so this trend became like a culture in their academic venue. We all know how much training and education have an impact on children’s behavior and line of thinking and also their adult ages personality.

Therefore, in my opinion, education system has a profound contribution in student’s performance (success or failure) during higher education. However, we should consider this issue that strict education systems can have harmful effects on student’s mental and physical health. So, maybe success is not the only outcome of such forceful education systems, and other negative impacts are also associated with them.