Tenure Track (Pros and Cons)

Tenure track refers to a time window in which performance of new hired professors (As assistant professor) assessed on the basis of their teaching, research (publications) and their services to the university. This time span is usually about 6 years and after this period, according to mentioned criteria universities decide to award them tenure or not. In case assistant professors go up to tenure they will get associate professor position.

I think some advantages and disadvantages are associated with “Tenure Track”. First of all, as new hired professors should work hard to enhance their performance, they will help the improvement of general climate of universities. Their efforts for more publications and better teaching quality in order to get tenure award, are beneficial for both students and universities. On the other hand, from new hired professor’s perspective, tenure track would put burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of them. The process of tenure track can be very challenging and stressful for many people. Fear of failure in getting promotion of tenure position, can have some physical and psychological side effects for those who are seeking for that position in universities.