Modifications that should be done in higher level education

For this blog post I want to write about two things that I think should be modified in higher education and especially doctoral level.

Students who are studying at higher levels of education, generally have passed rough courses of their majors before. During bachelor and master’s studies they usually took various courses, and those who accomplished to enter doctoral programs are usually those who are succeeded in that courses and are well equipped with the main knowledge of their own majors. Therefore, from my viewpoint, there is no need that they have to take many courses during their doctoral study. I realized that number of required courses that students should take in doctoral level should be less than present. Instead, students should just be required to take some courses that are related to their research area. In this way they would have more flexibility in choosing courses and would have more motivations to perform well in their selected courses*.

Moreover, evaluation system of higher education (especially doctoral degree) should be different from undergraduate level. In my opinion, evaluation should not be on the basis of exams (finals or midterms) and should be totally upon analytical assignments during semester and also research works which are related to the topic of their courses. As far as I am concerned, exams (even when examiner tries to ask analytical questions) mostly evaluate memorizing skills of students and are not a suitable mean for assessing their true knowledge and capabilities.

I know that these two issues are so controversial, but I think at least those process need to be reconsidered thoroughly and meticulously for some efficient modifications.


*(Those who are coming from different backgrounds are excepted from this assertion).