What would I like to change in higher education?

As I wrote in my previous post about MOOCs survey, I think one of the factor that can change Higher education are online courses. As I said before if MOOCs change such that more people can use them, then They can make a revolution in HE in future.
Another thing that I think may change in future is related to costs of education. Based on the data, low income level students have lower opportunity to enter into higher education and one of the main reason of that is about high costs of higher education. I think we need a revolution to find out a better system deriving costs of higher education.

Moreover, future higher education needs implementing more interdisciplinary programs. The border of sciences expanded these days and real problems of our world such as Air Pollution, Access to drinkable water, Poverty, Inequality and so on needs people from different fields and for instance Economics by itself cannot answer to questions related to poverty. So we need people to know about other fields and we need to design new programs which serve various disciplines.

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